Anyone that has an interest in computers that goes beyond the basic use and owning of one is soon going to hear the term quantum supremacy. When they do a little more research about this, they will either walk away from it feeling that it is just too complex, or they will develop a passion for wanting to learn a whole lot more about it.

Quantum Computers

These are computers that are way above the capabilities of a traditional computer. They are devices that can perform computations that rely on quantum bits or qubits for short. 

The traditional computer, which is the one that the average person uses, is also referred to as a binary computer. Computers have the ability to perform calculations. The binary computer uses transistors for this. Each transistor works off of one or zero for the computing that is needed for the next step the computer takes. These ones or zeros are referred to as bits.

The Quantum computers use qubits, not bits. They have greater functions like being able to use ones or zeros at the same time. In short the quantum computers are far more advanced and have capabilities that have not yet been recognized or tapped into as yet. This is what is leading to quantum supremacy.

Quantum Supremacy

This is a milestone that anyone who is into quantum computers is hoping to reach. It is the point where this type of computer will be able to complete processes in calculations that a traditional computer is not capable of. To accomplish this, it will have to perform calculations differently. When this is achieved then it will be called quantum supremacy. It is like having a very sophisticated piece of equipment but not knowing how to use it to its fullest capability. 

The Bad With The Good

Quantum supremacy is certainly viewed as something that is good and is going to open up doors in many different ways that are only figments of the imagination right now. However, along with these positives, there will be some negative aspects as well. It is believed that even a basic quantum computer will be able to bypass binary security with no effort at all. Technology is always working on advanced ways to beef up internet computer. This is done with complex mathematical equations. The more complex a password is, for example or an encryption is the harder it is to be hacked. If a quantum computer can solve calculations then what is going to happen to all this high powered security that technology is currently providing?

Why Could This Happen?

Quantum computers are massive problem solvers. They don’t rely on bits, and because the qbits can be two things at once they don’t follow the same binary logic.

What With Be The Benefits of Quantum Supremacy?

The quantum computers will serve a different purpose compared to the traditional computers that are so popular today. A quantum computer will be able to perform calculations within seconds that would take a traditional computer thousands of years to do. This ability to perform complex calculations could be beneficial to many different industries in the years to come.

The Race for Quantum Supremacy

In the business world, when it comes to innovation everyone wants to be the first. It would seem the entity on track for this when it comes to Quantum Supremacy is Google.  Google actually just recently made the announcement that it had reached quantum supremacy. 


Google’s quantum computer is called Sycamore. The recent announcement claimed that Sycamore had just completed a very difficult problem within 200 seconds. For comparison purposes, it was said that Summit would have taken 10,000 years to solve the same problem. Summit is IBM’s super computer. Which happens to be the size of two basketball courts.

So according to Google, Sycamore has reached quantum supremacy. It met the criteria which was being able to do something faster than any classical computer would be able to do. 

IBM was quick to correct Google’s equation of how long it would have taken Summit to complete the same task. According to IBM it would have only taken 2 ½ days. This closes the gap a little bit and sort of waters down Sycamore’s achievement.

 What Does This Quantum Supremacy Achievement Mean?

This breakthrough that Google has completed in itself has no special purpose. It was an experiment conducted to get to the point of quantum supremacy. It other words, the goal was to be the first to achieve it. The problem that was solved has no other value to it. 

For the Future

Because there are so many unknowns about quantum computing, it is hard for anyone to come up with a solid list of where this technology will provide the most benefits. Right at the start though, it is believed that it will provide massive breakthroughs for quantum chemistry. Which, if so will have a big influence on agriculture and the health of humans. There is a possibility for its use in solar energy or in the pharmaceutical fields. 

A Long Road Ahead

Like with most types of breakthroughs, there is always a long road ahead. It is not likely that quantum computers will be in big demands by most industries for several years to come and even longer before they become a household resource.

The Experimentation Stage

Google has its own reasons for its involvement is quantum computing. There are some scientists that are also experimenting with it. To date, there have been no major revelations stemming from this. 

The Term Quantum Supremacy

There are those in the field of technology that do not like this term as they feel that it is just a term for hype in the technology industry. They believe the term is just building false expectations. Quantum computing is still in the field of unknown. 

Basically it is a piece of equipment that as yet nobody knows what to do with it or what its real purpose will be.